ESIC coach investigation is completed

In the wake of the coaching bug scandal ESIC annonuced they would open a massive investigation and go through 25 000 demos dating back to 2016. According to our sources that investigation has now been complete.

During the research for our upcoming documentary series, we’ve been in contact with various people who in one way or another have been involved in the coaching bug scandal.

Sources now tell us that ESIC’s investigation has been completed but there is one question yet to be determined, which is what penalities the coaches found guilty will receive.

A source close to the investigation told SVT that ESIC are planning to release an annonucement later this week. According to DBLTAP there are at least 15 yet unnamed coaches who have been found guilty of exploiting the bug.

Since the first coaches were banned by ESL, new spectator bugs have been discovered in professional CS:GO matches, as reported by SVT. To add salt to the injury it seems all demos have to be re-analyzed for each new bug that’s found. Hopefully we’ll soon know more about how the new spectator bugs will be dealt with.

I have reached out to ESIC for a comment but to be fair that was only one and a half hour ago (as I’m writing this 18:30 Swedish time). Should ESIC wish to comment this any further I will of course update this article.

Update: Since publishing this article other media outlets and journalists have reported that the investigation is soon completed. However, according to our sources the investigation was completed as of the publication of this article. More specifically, they were finished analyzing all the demos – but were not ready to release an announcement yet. ESIC have however recently announced that they will present their first set of findings on monday (29/09).