What UX is about – Delighting the user at SVT

The UX team at SVTi has discussed the changing role as a User Experience Designer recently. In a world where the users’ behaviour, devices and expectations change in a never so rapid pace. Working with UX in a public service organization means that we have to deal with high expectations. Not just from our users, but also from the community. Our nerdy interests, methods or preferred titles may change, but we can all agree on these four points:


1. We design experiences that engage and inspire

We rely on lean UX methods to quickly learn what makes the users happy and engaged. To find the sweet spot where user happiness meets business objectives. To know what’s worth implementing, and what’s not.

We find out what engages our users by combining qualitative studies, quantitative methods, creativity and design conventions. None of the methods is stronger than the other – we must always rely on a combination, or preferably all of them, to explore and refine the best user experiences.


2. We never design in a vacuum

We never make design decisions based on our own taste or preference. We involve and engage the team in design solutions and our experience goals. A large part of our job is to align the team to make sure the best user experiences reach our visitors.

We coordinate. We find it important to interact with different people, departments or specialists to get all perspectives, knowing that we don’t know everything. We meet up with analysts who know our users in ways that we wouldn’t be able to. We love our customer service who talk to our users everyday.


3. We make sure that our services are easy to understand – no matter who the user is

Everyone should feel that our services are designed just for them… and for everyone else. We strive to meet everyone in Sweden. No matter who you are. No matter which device you’re using.

We aim to be a good friend in a complex world. A good friend is someone you can trust. A good friend will make good times better and stick by your side in times of need.


4. We dare to be innovative

We have the courage, resources and expertise to test brand new ideas. We dare to aim high and fail – that’s how we manage to attract the most innovative employees within the UX world.