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ReactJS Meetup

Published 5 december 2018

Hi again from Tekniksprångarna! A couple of weeks ago we helped to organize a meetup which SVTi hosted. For those of you who don’t know what a meetup is, it’s basically a chance to meet (and befriend) other people in the same field. The topic for this particular meetup was ReactJS, something us non-coders can […]

Ten weeks later – a blog post by Tekniksprångarna

Published 6 november 2018

Ten weeks later – a blog post by Tekniksprångarna How did we end up here? A question posed to us by many – co-workers, family, friends and at times even ourselves. Since early September, we’ve been wandering around SVTi doing a bit of everything, and as we will soon be moving on to Production & Technology, it is […]

LEIF always finds a way

Published 27 september 2018

Automating a difficult and complex process in a way such that the overall efficiency is increased, while still maintaining the entirety of its previous functionality, is one of the more rewarding achievements an engineer can aspire to. The key, and subsequently the challenge, is usually to find or invent a solution that streamlines a given […]

Dåliga artikelkommentarer? Skyll inte på läsarna!

Published 8 juni 2012

I går meddelade Thomas Mattsson att Expressen stänger sina kommentarsfält, fullständigt och för överskådlig framtid. ”Hejdå till rykten och lögner” heter blogginlägget, och det säger väl egentligen allt om bakgrunden till det beslutet. Bara några dagar tidigare bestämde sig Svenska Dagbladet för att dra en gräns vid tre kommentarer per besökare och artikel. ”Ärligt talat, […]