SVTi-day 2018 – Looking at the future at SVTi

Every year before the summer vacation, we organize a day for the whole SVTi-department. A day where we inspire each other, get time to discuss things that concerns us all and share knowledge. This year we also invited some of our friends from ”Produktion & Teknik”.

To get everyones thoughts into the agenda we form the day as an Open Space session where everyone can pitch in their subjects.

This year we tried a new thing, in addition to Open Space we also mixed in new elements adding workshops in a few tracks to be able to differentiate the tempo and accommodate deeper discussions. This years exiting and popular workshops included Kotlin, GraphQL, Diversity and Resilience. All were fully booked so this concept is a winner.

Besides workshops and Open Space, we also got to listen to different talks from the main-stage. The day started with Jan Helin and an interesting outlook and analysis from the media world including the last Facebook-news and other merges going on in the media world.

After lunch we got to listen to Anna Sommansson and Gereon Kåver talking about how we work with gender diversity in the field of children, both in broadcast production and in digital development.

The Open Space circled around a lot of subjects as usual. Well frequented was the “Peak React?”-topic – do we see a future after React? The “E-sport” session was also popular, interesting for a public that usually aren’t to frequent on our platforms. Security with an election coming up was another popular and urgent session. Otherwise it was a plethora of subject around non-binary, virtual task forces, data lake, and other interesting subject.

The day was filled with energy, new knowledge and new friends and we look forward to next years Open Space!