Do your Thesis at SVT Interaktiv

Are you interested in writing your thesis or doing your degree project at SVT Interaktiv? Sometimes we publish topics we are interested in, if there are no published thesis subjects don’t hesitate to contact us with a suggestion of your own. Tell us about your project and why you want to do it! Apply here


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Find us at seminars and conventions and take the chance to talk to us about life at SVTi!

Tekniksprånget (Technology Leap)

Are you an upper secondary school graduate and curious about what it means to work as an engineer at SVT?

Behind everything that you see on the broadcast and web, engineers work amongst other competences with system development, studio technology, broadcast technology, project management etc. You will follow these people’s work and be a part of it all in an environment that is teeming of innovation and creativity.

Meet Minna and Alexandra from last years Technology Leap:

Read more about Tekniksprånget here.