Stop the Line…and Experiment

Last Friday we finished our second biannual SVTi-sprint where we pause our product development to work across team boundaries with whatever we find most important. As usual a great time to focus on experiments, learning and knowledge-sharing and improving tools and practices for everyone from UX-designers to DevOps.

This was the second time we planned the sprint with an open space session where everyone could pitch what they wanted to do and everyone got a chance to choose what to work with. This has been a great success and maybe the best change since we started doing SVTi sprints.


Great things happened  

What did we do then?

For many people the SVTi sprint demo is one of the highlights of the year. 22 teams showed the results and surprisingly many ”ready-to-use products”. Difficult to give justice to all in a blog post but here are a few examples.

Some people from our virtual A11Y-team made an accessibility-dashboard showing how our different sites ranked in accessibility. “How do we make hard things like diagrams accessible” was the theme of a follow-up workshop.

One team worked on how to “avoid being in the dark after deploying” looking into crash analysis and taking security aspect of saving user data into account.

Do public news articles on major news sites change over time? “Yes, of course, but how” was the theme for the tracker ä with sometimes revealing results, such as sudden fact changes or questionable changes of byline.

VR attracted a lot of people and resulted in a VR-app making it possible to watch Video together with the Bolibompa-dragon.

Balthazar, our home made recommendation engine based on collaborative filtering, was further improved by adding editorial mapping which hopefully will result in better recommendation i SVT Play eventually.

A team developed a tool for checking gender balance in our captions inspired by Something that could be used as basis for future purchase.

Our virtual UX and Design teams worked on design storytelling, visualising the customer journey through our different services to challenge our truths and develop our goals.

This was only a fraction of great things that happened. Many more interesting experiments were made with h.265, offline video, GraphQL, rich content in push notifications,…

You will hopefully see the result of these things in our products.

And of course hear more in this blog from the different project soon…