Fullstack Developer, SVTi News and Sports

As a full stack developer at SVTi News and Sports, you will work with new technology like React, Node.JS and micro services, where you are encouraged to constantly test new technologies and ideas. Here you will work with a product that just won the Swedish Design Prize 2018 for svt.se!

At SVTi, you will work with a product that is influenced and appreciated by many people. As a full stack developer, you become part of a warm and stable organization with one of Sweden’s most famous brands and with the goal of becoming the best in the news world.

You will have an important role with many exciting contact areas and opportunities. Here we consider broad and long-term development; both in terms of staff and product. We dare innovate around new technology and new ways of working. With us, differences based on culture and personality are important in order to develop the organization and products and we want to take care of your ability to contribute. Here we listen to your thoughts and encourage you to come up with new ideas and new ways to work with news services.

SVTi News and Sport is part of SVTi, which develops and maintains all SVT´s digital services regardless of platform.

As a full stack developer you will:

  • Be driving in development across the product svt.se
  • Together with the team, test and evaluate new technologies
  • Develop and implement working methods for a more transparent and agile development
  • Be part of an agile cross-functional team that has come a long way in, for example, mob programming
  • Have a continuous dialogue with editors, news managers and other development teams

You become part of our organization of 35 people working with News and Sport on Web, iOS and Android. You will be part of a development team of 6-8 people, including development, testing, UX and design, and you will be centrally located in the SVT House, located close to Gärdet in Stockholm.


In your role as a full stack developer, it will be crucial that you can think big and wide, where your global perspective will be the basis for your technical choices. We are looking for you who is an experienced full stack developer who is curious and has a great interest in both new technology and society in general.

Based on your technical background, we would like you to:

  • Feel comfortable to develop both back and front end
  • Has experience with web development in form of React, Javascript, Node.JS, micro services or similar techniques

Meriting is if you experience:

  • To have worked with major public services
  • Java, HTML, CSS, or REST API
  • Working with different DevOps parts like Docker or similar

The most important thing is, however, that you enjoy being part of a transparent and agile organization that places great value on communication and collaboration. Here we want you to challenge and dare to think new. Here you are really encouraged to come up with exciting new ideas how we can solve complex problems together, as well as ideas for a more efficient way of working that make the product always benefiting and evolving.

SVTi is an interactive department that develops and maintains digital services such as SVT Play, SVT News and Sports, Barnkanalen and Melodifestivalen. We are about 120 people working in cross-functional product-oriented teams to design and develop SVT´s platforms and features.

SVTi maintains development plans for the interactive products in line with SVT´s overall goals. Future strategies are being developed together with clients, program managers, analysts, project managers, editors, etc. We continuously work with priorities to develop the product areas in the best possible way. We are an important part of the knowledge of digital about the company.

We invite you to design studios, workshops, education and inspiration. We like to discuss and conversation partner in idea development. We help to evaluate development wishes and needs based on public and business benefits.

SVT news and sports online develop together with the news division to give the audience a relevant, credible, fast and in-depth offer.


For this position we co-operate with ADA Digital, apply here!