SVTi at the Datatjej conference

On February 14-16 it was finally time for this years’ Datatjej conference, an event that also celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Datatjej is a conference and networking opportunity for women who are studying IT and computer science. During the three day conference around 100 participants can listen to business presentations, attend workshops and talk to representatives from potential future employers in the industry. This was of course something we didn’t want to miss!

SVT Interactive held three different workshops of 45 minutes each. The workshops were planned as so called design studios with three focus areas; Kids play, SVT News and SVT Play.

Design studio is a method that we often use at SVTi in order to solve challenges in our IT services, it helps us bring in different perspectives and competences working together to find a solution. Our philosophy is that we will reach better and smarter solutions by working together so that’s why we like the design studio setup in our daily business. This is something that the participants in the Datatjej workshops got to try out in a mini format, in order to get an insight in how working at SVT would be. They were working in small groups sketching on future solutions and discussing challenges in three of our most important IT services. They were also asked to think about what different roles that needed to collaborate in order to come with the best solutions.  Many exciting solutions and team constellations were discussed and suggested in the groups.

The last day of the conference SVT Interactive participated at an expo where the participants had the chance to meet our developers, UX designers and product owners. There was also a chance to get a hug from the bolibompa dragon, something that turned out to be quite popular.

DataTjej is a non-profit association with nearly 2000 members working to promote women of all ages who are interested in data and IT. Datatjej aims to improve the relationship between IT students and between IT businesses and students. For more information about Datatjej:

We are looking forward to 2019 conference!