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SVTi produce and develop all digital services, platforms and web functions that SVT has. We are approximately 120 coworkers, spread out in multiple teams, and together we give this site life.

On being accessible

Published 29 juni 2017

A few years back we at SVTi decided to become bilingual. All essential documentation, code comments and this very blog are now written in English. If there are non-Swedish speaking co-workers participating in demos we do the presentations in English as well. This makes for some amusing moments of embarrassing swenglish—but more importantly it’s a […]

Automating all the things – More Continuous Delivery at SVTi

Published 18 april 2017

Our Developer Experience vision Team autonomy is one of our most fundamental values here at SVTi. Having independent and self-responsible teams that each own distinct products works well with our organisation that is built around our different services, be it the Bolibompa app or SVT Play. With everything built around team autonomy, the challenges in […]

Bolibompa app -behind the scenes.

Published 11 april 2017

A short introduction to the core concepts of Unity and our use of them. About a year ago we published “One year with Unity” about our efforts to make the Bolibompa app with Unity. Since then we’ve managed to evolve our app with a new concept, and have also refactored our architecture. Core concepts in […]

The Way of the Mob

Published 20 mars 2017

At SVTi we always think about how we can work better together and exploring new ways of doing so. This time we felt it was time to do a serious attempt with Mob Programming so we invited the evangelist Woody Zuill for a training workshop where he neatly and pedagogically led us through the process […]

What type of energy source is used to run SVT Play?

Published 23 februari 2017

I get slightly stressed just by coming home to see that one of the lights has been on all day, with nobody home. At the same time I hardly think about the fact that the computer is still on stand by mode day after day. Electricity is produced all the time, and is always available […]

What UX is about – Delighting the user at SVT

Published 10 februari 2017

The UX team at SVTi has discussed the changing role as a User Experience Designer recently. In a world where the users’ behaviour, devices and expectations change in a never so rapid pace. Working with UX in a public service organization means that we have to deal with high expectations. Not just from our users, […]

Thoughts on React Native

Published 26 januari 2017

At SVTi we always start off a new semester with something we call a SVTi-sprint. It’s simply a two week period when, instead of working in our regular teams with our everyday work and products, we form temporary teams working with different things that we ourselves have pitched beforehand. This is how it come that […]

Monitoring distributed backends at SVTi, a technical overview

Published 25 januari 2017

At SVTi we are strong believers of the microservice trend where each team builds and maintains fine-grained reusable services. Our journey started a few years ago when the decision to split our monolithic architecture to a distributed one was taken. One of the great challenges that engineering organizations typically face when it comes to distributed systems […]

Om användarna fick bestämma

Published 5 oktober 2016

Färsk statistik från supportforumet för SVT Play ( våras inledde SVT en satsning på bättre användarservice om SVT Play. Sedan dess lyssnar och svarar vi såväl kvällar som helger. Användarnas feedback förmedlas snabbt till teamen som har ökat takten på buggfixar. Men det är fortfarande ett önskemål som sticker ut och ständigt återkommer.Själva idén med SVT […]