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SVTi produce and develop all digital services, platforms and web functions that SVT has. We are approximately 120 coworkers, spread out in multiple teams, and together we give this site life.

SVTi-day 2018 – Looking at the future at SVTi

Published 3 juli 2018

Every year before the summer vacation, we organize a day for the whole SVTi-department. A day where we inspire each other, get time to discuss things that concerns us all and share knowledge. This year we also invited some of our friends from ”Produktion & Teknik”. To get everyones thoughts into the agenda we form […]

Jämställdhetsveckan KTH

Published 7 maj 2018

Jämställdhetsveckan is an annual recurring project driven by students at KTH in Stockholm. During the week a variety of companies are invited to participate and hold workshops or lectures on the topic of gender equality and diversity, This year SVT participated for the first time. Anna Sommansson, Project Manager at SVT Barn, talked about the […]

GDC 2018

Published 30 april 2018

A couple of weeks ago three of us from the team that builds the Bolibompa app visited the yearly Game Developer Conference in San Francisco. It was a week of learning and inspiration together with 26000 other game developers. A lot of people but there were over 500 talks with topics ranging from GPU optimizations […]

Collaborating together – Open Source at SVT

Published 20 mars 2018

Collaborating together – Open Source at SVT In these times of fake news-allegations, abundance of news alternatives and with an ever accelerating journey towards the total connected media experience, collaboration and working together for being relevant, diverse and accurate is more important than ever for us working in media. The importance of these issues, and […]

Kotlin – a great newbie for building API:s

Published 13 mars 2018

I am working in a team that builds backend services at SVT. We strive to build great API:s with a microservices architecture, primarily for our video platforms but also other clients. To do this we need the most powerful languages and tools, so for us Kotlin is great evolution in the JVM ecosystem that improves […]

React suspense and server rendering

Published 5 mars 2018

The recently revealed React suspense functionality has the potential to solve a lot of the current pain points in server rendering. At the Swedish public service television company we are heavily invested in server rendering as a means to deliver our digital experiences to as many citizens as possible, so I thought I’d take some […]

Encore – Video transcoding at its core

Published 2 mars 2018

Choosing the appropriate level of video quality introduces an interesting dilemma for any public service broadcaster who operates and provides an online streaming service. On the one hand they want to produce the best possible experience for anyone watching their videos, but on the other hand they want to keep the amount of required bandwidth […]

SVTi at the Datatjej conference

Published 28 februari 2018

On February 14-16 it was finally time for this years’ Datatjej conference, an event that also celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Datatjej is a conference and networking opportunity for women who are studying IT and computer science. During the three day conference around 100 participants can listen to business presentations, attend workshops and talk to representatives […]

One Year with Growth

Published 13 februari 2018

Having worked systematically with Growth Engineering the last year we now start to see results as well as pitfalls. The reason why we did these changes is the changing media consumption patterns and our need to reach target groups that don’t yet have a relation with SVT. “You need the kind of objectivity that makes […]

Meet Anna Karlsson

Published 30 januari 2018

What do you do at SVT Interaktiv? I am a developer in the CMS-team. In our team we work with the content produced by the editors and distributes that to different teams trough API:s. What made you choose SVT as an employer? The fact that SVT is a Public Service company and doesn’t have focus on […]