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SVTi produce and develop all digital services, platforms and web functions that SVT has. We are approximately 120 coworkers, spread out in multiple teams, and together we give this site life.

One Year with Growth

Published 13 februari 2018

Having worked systematically with Growth Engineering the last year we now start to see results as well as pitfalls. The reason why we did these changes is the changing media consumption patterns and our need to reach target groups that don’t yet have a relation with SVT. “You need the kind of objectivity that makes […]

Meet Anna Karlsson

Published 30 januari 2018

What do you do at SVT Interaktiv? I am a developer in the CMS-team. In our team we work with the content produced by the editors and distributes that to different teams trough API:s. What made you choose SVT as an employer? The fact that SVT is a Public Service company and doesn’t have focus on […]

Building an HbbTV application with ES7, React and Redux

Published 23 januari 2018

The first “Tekniksprint” of the year has come to an end. This is a two-week sprint held two times a year, where we at SVTi re-mix our teams, form new ones, and work on small, innovative projects of our liking that have been pitched a month or two earlier. The project I chose to work […]

Stockholm ReactJS Meetup #5

Published 7 december 2017

In early November around 100 people were gathering in the vestibule of Sveriges Radio, visiting an event hosted by SVT in collaboration with the Stockholm ReactJS Meetup-group. The event was filmed and can be viewed on SVT Play: Video with English subtitlesVideo with Swedish subtitles It was the first such event SVT had hosted in […]

Stop the Line…and Experiment

Published 29 augusti 2017

Last Friday we finished our second biannual SVTi-sprint where we pause our product development to work across team boundaries with whatever we find most important. As usual a great time to focus on experiments, learning and knowledge-sharing and improving tools and practices for everyone from UX-designers to DevOps. This was the second time we planned the sprint […]

Giving the Bolibompa dragon new clothes

Published 2 augusti 2017

Last saturday we gave our Bolibompa-dragon a new outfit.  It was delivered in a dragon-egg (try out the app and find out what that is) and it was a bathing outfit with mask and snorkel and some other parts. Our process of making clothes is quite complex and involves several steps. Designing a 2d reference […]

On being accessible

Published 29 juni 2017

A few years back we at SVTi decided to become bilingual. All essential documentation, code comments and this very blog are now written in English. If there are non-Swedish speaking co-workers participating in demos we do the presentations in English as well. This makes for some amusing moments of embarrassing swenglish—but more importantly it’s a […]

Automating all the things – More Continuous Delivery at SVTi

Published 18 april 2017

Our Developer Experience vision Team autonomy is one of our most fundamental values here at SVTi. Having independent and self-responsible teams that each own distinct products works well with our organisation that is built around our different services, be it the Bolibompa app or SVT Play. With everything built around team autonomy, the challenges in […]

Bolibompa app -behind the scenes.

Published 11 april 2017

A short introduction to the core concepts of Unity and our use of them. About a year ago we published “One year with Unity” about our efforts to make the Bolibompa app with Unity. Since then we’ve managed to evolve our app with a new concept, and have also refactored our architecture. Core concepts in […]

The Way of the Mob

Published 20 mars 2017

At SVTi we always think about how we can work better together and exploring new ways of doing so. This time we felt it was time to do a serious attempt with Mob Programming so we invited the evangelist Woody Zuill for a training workshop where he neatly and pedagogically led us through the process […]