Inlägg av Hilda Stenberg

SVTi-day 2018 – Looking at the future at SVTi

Published 3 juli 2018

Every year before the summer vacation, we organize a day for the whole SVTi-department. A day where we inspire each other, get time to discuss things that concerns us all and share knowledge. This year we also invited some of our friends from ”Produktion & Teknik”. To get everyones thoughts into the agenda we form […]

SVTi at the Datatjej conference

Published 28 februari 2018

On February 14-16 it was finally time for this years’ Datatjej conference, an event that also celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Datatjej is a conference and networking opportunity for women who are studying IT and computer science. During the three day conference around 100 participants can listen to business presentations, attend workshops and talk to representatives […]

What type of energy source is used to run SVT Play?

Published 23 februari 2017

I get slightly stressed just by coming home to see that one of the lights has been on all day, with nobody home. At the same time I hardly think about the fact that the computer is still on stand by mode day after day. Electricity is produced all the time, and is always available […]