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Quote: Jenny Wester

Published 19 januari 2017

“Innovation is key to creating new ways of TV-interactivity”Jenny Wester Developer Manager, Program

Quote: Ali Abida

Published 19 januari 2017

“We are building sane software for children.”Ali AbidaScrum master & Developer, Bolibompa

Quote: Hilda Stenberg

Published 19 januari 2017

”It is within the self-organized teams the magic happens”Hilda StenbergDeveloper Manager, Webcore

Quote: Håkan Smith

Published 19 januari 2017

“Design involves everyone.”Håkan SmithLead Art Director, Svti

Quote: Stefan Berggren

Published 19 januari 2017

“This place gives me the chance to expand my knowledge, try out new things and work together with people and learn”Stefan BerggrenInfrastructure Engineer, Webcore

Quote: Lina Nord

Published 19 januari 2017

“It feels absolutely magical to measure our work in user joy and retention, rather than cold profit. That’s a luxury that leaves a good feeling in the heart.”Lina NordArt Director, Barnkanalen

Quote: Roger Wallén

Published 19 januari 2017

“To work just in the boundary between technology and the creative work being done in our TV programs is an awesome privilege and challenge.”Roger WallénTechnical Project Manager

Quote: Juliana Oliveira Silva

Published 19 januari 2017

“It’s really exciting to work with products that are known by everyone in Sweden, and I love the atmosphere here, really relaxed and friendly.“Juliana Oliveira Silva User Experience Designer, Bolibompa

The soundtrack of SVT ´(Dev|Sys|No|O)Ops´ Track 3: ”Living on my own”

Published 2 juli 2015

Hey there. We’re back with the 3rd installment in the life and times of SVTs ´(Dev|Sys|No|O)Ops´ team. (Check out Track 1, and Track 2 here) Just like before, this post comes complete with its own soundtrack. This is the down-in-the-trenches view of how we run one of the largest media sites in Sweden. I will […]

Isomorfism- nyckeln till att få JavaScript-applikationer att fungera även utan JavaScript

Published 31 mars 2015

SVT är ett public service-bolag, och som sådant är stor tillgänglighet för våra besökare inte bara en bra idé, utan ett krav som är lagstadgat. Tillgänglighet har därför alltid varit enormt viktigt för oss, vilket är bekymmersamt då mängden olika enheter som våra besökare använder konstant ökar. Vi är förstås intresserade av att ligga i […]