A digital style guide for all things SVT

We’ve published a style guide for SVT:s digital services. It’s core purpose is to simplify collaborations between product teams. It accomplishes this in two ways:

First, while making it we’ve built personal relationships over team borders. We’ve created it during a special “SVTi Sprint” where we break up our normal (cross-functional) product teams, to form temporary task-force teams. The teams working on the styleguide have had a mix of people from every product field.

Second, it’s already a valuable tool in our everyday work. Although it’s an early version and does not cover ever everything yet; it’s something… Something we can communicate, something to discuss and something to challenge.

Making it public also have two main reasons:

First, it makes us care more about it and helps us validate it.

Second, we like to share and we want feedback. Leave comments or tweet @svtiu